We recently developed an unique soil washing technology, which efficiently removes Pb and other toxic metals from soil by complexation with a strong chelant, EDTA. The patented technology features a novel reaction of alkaline substitution, precipitation and adsorption of toxic metals on polysaccharides and chelant acidic precipitation for process waters and EDTA recycling in a closed loop. No wastewaters and minimum (<1%) solid wastes are generated (US Patent 9108233, US Patent Appl. 2017/0100755A1). The post-remedial toxic emissions from soil are mitigated to the levels close or bellow limits of quantification by effective soil rinsing and addition of zero-valent Fe (Fe0) into the soil slurry (GB Patent Appl. 1720126.0) which enables for fast and permanent adsorption of small residual quantities of EDTA and toxic metals chelates.

Technology is cost-efficient by reagent recycling, using inexpensive/ waste materials (lime, H2SO4, waste paper, scrap iron) and common machinery. Realistically tended vegetable gardens with EDTA-remediated soil have supported the growth of vegetables, grasses and horticultural plants. Pb uptake by plants was prevented or significantly reduced.


ReSoil remediation concept


The benefits of novel ReSoil soil remediation technology have been published in technical publications:

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Innovative soil washing technology


Frequently asked questions about the innovative soil washing technology are available here.

Photo report: Contruction of a vegetable garden with raised beds with remediates soil