FAQ about the innovative soil washing technology

Is ReSoil technology limited to removal of Pb from contaminated soils? Response.  EDTA which is used as a chelating agent in ReSoil technology removes Cd, Zn, Cu, Tl and other toxic metals non-specifically from contaminated soils. Pb is the most ubiquitous of these metals and presents the most pervasive and persistent risk to human health. …


Scientific papers

The benefits of novel ReSoil soil remediation technology have been published in the following scientific publications: FINŽGAR, Neža, JEŽ, Erika, VOGLAR, David, LEŠTAN, Domen. Spatial distribution of metal contamination before and after remediationin the Meza Valley, Slovenia. Geoderma, 2014, vol. 217/218, p. 135-143. VOGLAR, David and LEŠTAN, Domen. Chelant soil-washing technology for metal-contaminated soil. Environmental …


A pilot plant for innovative soil washing technology

A construction of the pilot plant for demonstration of the innovative soil washing technology started in September 2015 in an Industrial zone Dobja vas, Prevalje. The planned capacity of the plant is remediation of 1500 t of soil per year. Soil washing technology was developed by ENVIT Ltd in cooperation with University of Ljubljana and …


2015 International Year of Soils

“33 per cent of global soil resources are under degradation, it can take up to 1,000 years to form one centimetre of soil, soil is also the largest pool of organic carbon, population growth will require an approximately increase of 60 per cent in food production” are just some of the facts listed in United …


The research published by GEODERMA

The research with the title “Spatial distribution of metal contamination before and after remediation in the Meza Valley, Slovenia” was published by GEODERMA